Thursday, June 07, 2007

My First International Trip

I've been to London before, just not for work. Let me tell you this International flying ain't no joke! The hours are crazy and they keep you working the entire time.

By the time I got to London, I was shattered. I had been awake for almost 24 hours. One of the girls on the crew told me if I show my airline badge, I wouldn't have to pay for a ticket on the train.

I took a little nap and then I got on the train to Victoria's Square. When the guy came to collect my ticket I flashed my badge, Hey! He was all, "What is that?" I'm like, I work for the airline, and I was told I just had to show my badge and I could ride for free. He said, "I never heard of that." and he let me go.

At that point, I realized, I needed to show my badge at the ticket counter in the airport. OOPS!

I went to the ticket counter at Victoria's Station, and it turned out, that they never heard of it either. I noticed a sign that said I could take the Gatwick Express, and pay on the train with no extra charges. I was bummed, I was planning on riding for free.

I went to Buckingham Palace, and hung out in Hyde Park for a few hours. On my walk back to the train station, I decided to change some dollars for pounds. To exchange the money for the train ride it cost me $33 US dollars. Our dollar is even more crap compared to the last time I had been to the UK. I wish I could make pounds and spend pesos, life would be good.

Anyway, I got on the train and when the girl came to take my ticket, I told her I needed to buy one. Well, at that moment, her machine broke, and I got to ride for free. I was so happy considering if I wasn't such an airhead earlier I would have gotten my tickets for free at the airport!

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