Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary Baby!

I haven't been blogging on my personal blogs for awhile. It's kind of a private time in my life. I'm in the last phase of my pregnancy, mostly on bed rest, and trying to dictate to my husband Fredi what needs to be done to be ready for baby.

He is such a good sport, he wants things as perfect as I do but on Sunday I got carried away. Sunday was the six year anniversary of our first date. We were going to go out on a date to celebrate, but I am not allowed to go up and down stairs so we figured with all the work that needs to be done at home, we should do that instead. We meaning Fredi. I am only allowed to watch. Some friends of ours invited us out to dinner this past weekend, but we turned that down too because this baby will be here soon! So much to do, so little time to do it in especially when only one person can do all the work.

I had the bright idea that I wanted to turn the attic into my walk in closet, we would rearrange our room to accomodate the baby, and clean and organize everything perfectly. I have always wanted a closet like Kimora Lee Simmons' closet.

Fredi moved all the furniture, by himself up the stairs and around the room, he cleaned the floors until they sparkled. My cedar closet was difficult for Fredi to get up the attic stairs to my new walk in closet. I suggested Fredi take off the legs to the closet. What a great idea, that should work. It didn't. Next, I suggested he take the door off the hinges, happily Fredi obliged. Well, the closet got all scratched up and didn't fit through the doorway. I was so disapointed.

We had most of our things all over our previously perfectly cleaned and organized master bathroom, strewn everywhere. Our bedroom furniture was all rearannged, and the room seemed smaller than it did before we took out two major pieces of furniture! As we stood in the bathroom and took stock of our actions furniture, clothes, closet legs on the floor, a door lying on it's side, so much clutter that we couldn't barely walk. I looked around and said, "Well, that was a total waste of our limited time. Good thing we didn't go out to dinner. Happy Anniversary Baby!"

With that, we both started laughing, Fredi fell on the floor because his stomach started to cramp from all the laughter. I laughed so hard that contractions started. We knew it was too soon for me to go into labor, and the more I laughed the baby was dropping down lower and lower, I was contracting harder and harder. We couldn't stop, we were both crying laughing, and finally Fredi manages to stand up and starts helping me with my breathing, we are still laughing and realize the only way this would stop was if we separated. I left the room and it took an hour to settle down and not laugh anymore. We always make each other laugh, but this was ridiculous! As I tried to settle down, Fredi put the room back in the original configureation, he put the door back on the hinges, and fluffed up my pillows to put me back to bed. The contractions stopped thankfully. We agreed that hey, at least there wasn't a speck of dust in sight, not even under the bed or behind the dressers. We also agreed not to talk about it to each other again until after the baby is born, because it's still too funny.

Now I know why couples say, "We're pregnant". That is so true. Fredi has honestly worked harder than I have at being pregnant. He has shouldered all the responsibility, and taken perfect care of me without one single complaint. I bet the baby looks exactly like him, and that would be well deserved for all of his hard work. Plus Fredi is really hot, and that would be great for baby.

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