Saturday, August 27, 2005

I call 'em like I see 'em

When I was younger, I'd see a man shopping for women's clothes or shoes and think, aww, how sweet. He is shopping for his girlfriend.

I'm a few years older and no longer naive. Now, I know he is shopping for himself. Yep, that foot is a size 9. He's getting those stilletos for himself.

What happened to men being men and women being women?

Personally, I love being a woman. The clothes, the hair, the make-up, the bags, the shoes.

But a man, I want him to be able to work with his hands and dress like a dude!

If God would have intended men to dress like women he would have given them an innie and not an outie. Nuf' said.
Thursday, August 25, 2005

Tattoo Today, Tattoo Tomorrow Too

I read a quote the other day that said something like "in 40 years there will be an awful lot of old ladies with tattoos."

To me, tattoos are ugly. I see people with tattoos so ugly I wouldn't even want a sticker with that design. Yet they put it on their bodies.

I guess I'm a long term kind of thinker. I always thought of tattoos as subway graffiti. It's difficult for me to like anything long term. How can you like the same tattoo at 20 as you would at 30?

At 20 I would have gotten a peace sign for a tattoo. Now at 30, I'd feel like an idiot walking around with a peace sign on my body. I guess I could have taken out one line and turned it into a Mercedes symbol. That would be kind of cool.

Then, at 40, I could take out the rest of the lines and make it into a Smiley face. At 50, it would look sullen, and at 60, it will be a frown all on its own. Then, at parties, I could pull my arm skin back up and make it smile and I would be cool again.

That is just my opinion of tattoos in case you were wondering.
Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pray For Tara

I was reading an article by Jon Bonne on MSN called Tara Reid goes wild again (and again), and realized, how spot on he was about Tara Reid.

And I quote "My college years involved an unhealthy amount of time behind a frat-house bar, accosted for cups of nasty beer by drunk, rowdy women whose vocal chords were shot and whose clothes were in various states of dishevelment. They were determined to party, even if the beer in our kegs would have been better used to mop floors and remove epoxy."

"Whenever I see Tara, these memories instantly come flooding back. I suspect I'm not alone."

Ouch, I see exactly what he is talking about.

I remember one year as a kid I went to the Jersey Shore with my parents and their friends. I remember My Mother's friend Gloria. She was staggering drunk with her makeup running down to her knees saying "I shulda called the plops and haaad him arrested." As a plop of her spit landed in my eye.

That's Tara Reid. She's the plops lady. I'm not writing this to make fun of her. It's more of a plea for prayers for her.

Mike Murdock says "What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you." I could always use prayer so I'm going to pray for her.

Feel free to use my prayer.

Dear Lord, Please help Tara Reid see that she has a problem with alcohol. I ask that you help her through whatever difficult situation she is in, and to send good Christian people across her path. Help her to stop being a role model on what not to do. In Jesus name I ask and pray.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Top 10 T-Shirts and Pants that made me say hmm today

Sometimes I shake my head, sometimes I laugh, but I always say hmm...

10. High Roller (with dice) being worn by a chubby girl high on her roll.

9. I'm a swinger (with a graphic of a cute monkey) worn by a tween. Hello! Mom? Do you know what that means?

8. I knew what I did was wrong when I woke up this morning. Worn by a teenage girl.

7. A picture of Marilyn Manson in a unitard. EWWWW, worn by a teenage boy.

6. I'm the Evil Twin. Worn by the twin that definitely looked evil. Other twin looked normal. Good call.

5. Pain is weakness leaving your body. -Marines Worn by you guessed it a marine.

4. I was only gone six minutes not 15! My shirt directed toward my boss.

3. A shirt with geometric prints and an arrow pointing up toward one breast. Worn by a middle aged woman. Note to self: Look in mirror before leaving house.

2. Hot Crabs! On the back of a twenty somethings sweatpants. I guess she is proud of her crabs. She thinks they're hot.

1. Stick it! On the back of a teenage girls pants. Stick what? Stick it where? There? Oh my GOSH that's GROSS! I guess she's a gymnast.
Friday, August 19, 2005

Class is not a four letter word

Four letter words. You know the kind I mean. Particularly the one that starts with the letter "F". I hear that awful word again and again.

Don't people care that it is not appropriate to talk that way? There are children around and they spout off with this type of language. I'm not even a child and I don't want to hear those words.

To me, it shows your lack of intelligence when you use cuss words in every day language. Lack of intelligence, and lack of class, you, you, classholes!
Thursday, August 18, 2005

Things are not always as they appear

Joyce Meyer says something that is so completely true, "Hurting people hurt people."

Today, as I was walking into work, some people I knew were outside waving to me and giving me attention.

There was a woman standing there giving me a "Oh, I know you are so trifilin'!" look. You know the look that says "You are not all that!"

She was looking at my feet. I had on my cute Dr. Scholl's that are leopard print with rhinestone buckles. (I get compliments on them every time I wear them.) I had just gotten a pedicure.

To put this in perspective, I was just returning to work after my Great Aunt's Funeral two hours earlier. I was still raw from yesterday when I went to court, and because of the outcome my dreams had been completely shattered.

Anyway, when this woman looked at me like that, my first thought was to ignore her. I was hurting enough. But, because of my pain, I could see through to hers. Insight I may not have had two days ago.

I looked into her eyes and flashed her the most sincere smile I could muster. Her demeanor completely changed and she smiled a big smile right back at me. Instantly we both felt better.

This reminds me, that we never know just what someone is going through in their life and if we respond with love, there is no wrong answer.
Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Life according to Paris Hilton

Mark Twain said "Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it."

Stay with me here, but I'm starting to think Paris Hilton is putting us on. Paris Hilton a genius? If she's not a genius, she is one in her life that is for sure.

This girl pays for nothing, gets whatever she wants, is paid $250,000 to walk through a club, and always comes out of bad situations smelling like a rose. Take that sex tape scandal, she turned that around by getting a piece of the action and then donating all of the proceeds to charity. Brilliant move. Get control, and then turn the situation around for good.

I checked out a few pages of her book, Confessions of an Heiress. Now granted, it is a lot of pictures. According to Paris, people want more pictures and less words. Well, they do, when it comes to Paris Hilton anyway.

Something that struck me as smart was when she said in her book "If you follow your own plans and dreams and you don't let anyone talk you out of them, then you'll start to get the hang of being an heiress...All you need after that is a good handbag, a great pose, and very high heels, and you're on your way. (Long blonde hair doesn't hurt, either.)".

What she is saying basically, is that if you believe in yourself, then others will start to believe in you too. But it all starts with you controlling how people perceive you. If she was with me right now she would probably say, "yeah, what she said" in her baby falsetto voice.

The jury is still out on Jessica Simpson...
Saturday, August 13, 2005

Does the apple fall far from the tree?

For some reason I am thinking about Apple Annie today. I guess it's because this is the time of year I would usually see her.

Apple Annie, not her real name but she was known by all as Apple Annie. She was a very different kind of woman. None like I've ever seen or will ever see again.

My Mother wanted nothing to do with Apple Annie. She was very vocal about her request. She even went as far as to have my Dad tell Apple Annie that he was a Widower.

Of course Apple Annie felt sorry for my dad raising two daughters alone.

My Mother and I told my sister she was adopted and that Apple Annie was her real mother. Sis still has some issues with that some 15 years later.

I remember once, Apple Annie went to a yard sale. There was a pair of sneakers for sale. Apple Annie only bought one. When asked if she wanted the other one, her response was, "Why? I only need one." She put it on and off she went with her new used shoe.

Apple Annie had some serious real estate. My Dad would tell me "Apple Annie is rich". My Dad doesn't judge people. My Mom would tell me "Apple Annie is nuts!"

"Apples! Cider!" hearing that as a child would send chills down my spine. Mom would go running into her room, and Dad would go to greet her.

Of course Apple Annie didn't ever ring the door bell anywhere she went. She walked right into the house uninvited.

I remember once, we had just eaten chili for dinner. Apple Annie grabbed my Mothers dirty bowl, (Mom ran upstairs so fast she left the dirty bowl in the sink.) Apple Annie grabbed it and helped herself to some chili. Dad offered her a clean bowl. Apple Annie replied, "I'm fine."

One morning I came downstairs, and Apple Annie was laying on the front porch. I got scared and ran for my Dad. "She probably just needs some tires, and didn't want to wake me." Was Dads response. Indeed, that was what she had wanted.

Mom chuckled and poked fun at her from upstairs. Peeking at Ms. Annie through the blinds. I just stared wide eyed.

My younger sister was terrified. She was only twelve years old at that time.

The last time I saw Apple Annie was at a Point of Grace concert. She was singing and praising God. My Mother is supposed to be a Christian. She always made fun of Apple Annie. She taught me to do the same. Together we tormented my sister.

My Mother taught me to ridicule what was different. To lie my way out of an uncomfortable situation, and to dehumanize those less fortunate than myself.

Apple Annie passed away last year in a nursing home. I called my Dad to tell him. I didn't call my Mom because she hasn't spoken to me in five years. I wish I could have said good-bye. I wish I could take back the teasing. I wish I could say "I'm sorry".

Apple Annie was different. She was eccentric. She didn't care what anyone thought of her. She marched to her own tune. I now have the memory of her kookiness to bring a smile to my face.

It's ironic that I can think of Apple Annie with a Smile, and my Mother with sadness.

My parents are no longer married, but Dad, Sis and I still remain quite close.
Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Butterfly Poem

this is an audio post - click to play
Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A Sleazy Trend

Here is a question for you, would you ask people to look at your kids butt?

Would you want someone to stare at their backside?

I didn't think so.

Then why oh why do parents let their kids walk around with words on the seat of their pants?

I don't get it. I am constantly reading kids butts. I don't want to, but my eyes are drawn to words. I see words, I read them. Gross!

I am annoyed with the attention to the gluteus minimus, but what about a pedifile? You know they're into it. They can stare at your kids behind and get away with it. Hey, it's reading and reading is good right?

Lets put words back where they belong on the back of a good old fashioned t-shirt!
Monday, August 08, 2005

Yep, it's Monday

Today sucks. I'll admit it. There isn't any other way to say it. Lets see, my cell phone started ringing at 7:30 this morning, one of my customer calls me he lost his phone service!

I went swimming yesterday. My hair turned green. So did my nails. I woke up this morning with green hightlights! I just paid $120 for those highlights and now they are green.

I look down at my shirt and it is stained. I only have to work 11.5 hours today. No big deal.

It finally started raining. Too bad I couldn't get a close parking spot.

This customer is waiting to hear back from me, I can't call back until the powers that be get back to me.

It's 11:12 AM, it can only go up from here right?

At least I didn't have to look at my neighbor in his spandex dress today. See White Trash Family of The Year!

At least I'm not being pushed in a wheel chair drooling shouting "Beep beep!" everywhere like that guy upstairs.

Now I feel like laughing and then crying. I start out laughing until I erupt in tears and feel so sad.

I threw up twice so far today. I think it's too much stress too early in the morning. At least I didn't do it three times right? I am such a drama queen.

It could be worse, I could work for Verizon.
Saturday, August 06, 2005

Box Office Slump

All I keep hearing about this summmer is how poorly the movie industry is doing.

What I cannot understand is why these people are so perplexed about it. Sure, gas is expensive, and I can watch a DVD. But the truth is, I am not an idiot. I don't feel like paying $10 for trash. I'm certainly not paying that times three for my family to see it. As a matter of fact, I'm not taking my kid to the movies at all.

These "Hollywood People" are glamorizing, murder, drugs, alcohol, sex, infidelity, and stupidity.

With all the heartache in this world, I would like to go watch an uplifting movie with some moral content. I don't want to see a bunch of bumbling fools make drug references and listen to foul language.

With TV shows dominating the summer ratings like ABC’s Brat Camp, or shows like American Idol, can't they see the public wants to see a happy ending? We want to see people become better. We want to see drugs and promiscuous behavior discouraged. Lets show the kids what happens when you break the rules. Just because it feels good now doesn't mean it won't hurt later.

How well did Mel Gibson do with The Passion of Christ? That's the kind of stuff we want.

Like it or not, movies are inspirational. We become inspired by what we see in films.

Often times I wonder, the twisted mind that creates some of this garbage, why is it tolerated? Every day people act this stuff out in real life and get arrested. Lives are ruined. Movie producers create the same stuff and win awards. The insanity of it all.

Everyone wants to know, Why am I here? And, What is my purpose? When "Hollywood People" start heading their movies in that direction I think it would be the end of the "Box Office Slump".
Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Setting the Story Straight

I get so tired of the Republican Bashing. If these people knew what they were talking about I wouldn't mind so much. If people did some research or something.

I used to be the same way. I naievly believed what the media said. Now, I see through the liberal slant and do my own research.

I found this fascinating story on There is a 73 year old buisness man who "paid $104,655.60 (tax paid)of his own money to purchase this advertisement, in order to set the story straight." He purchased this full page ad in the liberal newspaper The Washington Post.

His name is George J. Esseff Sr. He is a brilliant republican and outstanding human being. Check it out for yourself:

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Better Safe Than Sorry

Working in the mall, I see a lot of real crappy parents.

I decided today that I would start documenting just what I see with these people.

There was a woman, walking with her two year old daughter. Well, walking with her is actually a stretch, the kid was trailing about 30 feet behind her, and the mother didn't bother to look where she was. The kid lost sight of her mother and some patrons on a bench pointed in the direction her mother went, the kid went off running to reach her, and surprise surprise, the mother never knew she lost her.

This is the mall where just a few years ago a woman was shot in the face on her way into Macy's. She died moments later. There was no motive and it appeared random. With that said, would you allow your two year old out of your sight?

I see this every day. Once, I found a three year old boy in a parking lot. He was alone it was about 9:00 PM in January. He was so cute, I would have gladly taken him home. He couldn't talk, so we had to try and find his parents without his aid. About 20 minutes later, we found them inside a store and the kicker, they didn't even know he was missing! How is that for some safe parenting?

About a week later, I was at work, and I see a small child, barely two years old, run out of a store and through the mall, alone. I saw where he came from, so I took him back inside to find the parent. I found her, she didn't know he was missing either. Can you guess what happened after that? She started yelling at her adolescent son that he was supposed to be watching him! Just who is the parent here?

Each year thousands of children are abducted in this Country. Is it really so difficult to pay attention to a child? If it is, I would suggest you leave them home, with a competent baby sitter or family member. I just wonder what some of the missing childrens parents were like. Did they pay attention their childs whereabouts? I'm sure in many cases you cannot fault the parents, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

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