Thursday, January 18, 2007
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An Italian without pasta no more.

Last night I cooked a dinner that got me another marriage proposal. I'm so excited! Not about the marriage proposal, but about the dinner.

Let me start from the beginning. I love to cook, and I really like to eat, but I have so many food allergies. I'm only allergic to crap that isn't good for me. If I eat sugar, I get a terrible headache. I know my limits, I can have some sugar, so I try and be careful.

I'm Italian and I can't eat bread, pasta, or pizza because if I do, for the next three to five days (depending on how much of it I ate) my arms will fall asleep, and my hands and feet itch like crazy. It takes me five minutes to get out of bed in the morning because I have to slap my arms until I have feeling in them again. You should see me try and turn off the alarm!

It's strange, I know, but, I don't go to the doctor about it, because I know it is my bodies way of telling me to eat healthy or it will go on strike. It keeps me accountable for my eating habits.

Yesterday, I finally found pasta that I can eat! I have found other pasta before, but none that tasted good. This is brown rice Thai pasta, it's shaped like linguine, and I think it tastes better than semolina pasta. I was so excited when I woke up this morning when I had complete feeling in my arms. Yay! Pasta that tasted good was good for me. It's a miracle.

I'm still not going to eat pasta too much, because my sauce has about 1000 calories in it, but when I do eat pasta, I won't have to suffer.

Now, if I can just find a way to make pizza that tastes good, my life would be complete.
Monday, January 15, 2007

Dregs Of Society

Usually, I always like to see the positives in a situation. Usually. Lately I am seeing the negatives. I'm thinking I have to point them out, so I can move on to being positive again.

I've had more dreams of my death this month, than I've ever had in my life. I was hanged in my dreams just days after Saddam Hussein was hanged in real life.

Quite a few young boys are now dead throughout the world, after immitating his execution. They actually saw broadcasts of it, I only heard about it, and still had nightmares.

By the eighth day of 2007, both New Orleans, LA and Baltimore, MD already had nine murders.

I watched a guy stealing from a store Friday night, and I would have reported him, but he was too scary, and kept watching me. I didn't feel safe inside the store. I had to jump into my car and drive away. I'm pretty sure he wanted to rob me too. He tried hiding behind a pillar, while I was getting into my car. Now that I think of it, I should have called 911, but I couldn't think of it at the time. The way he was looking at me sent chills down my spine, all I could do was flee.

My neighbors allow their fourteen year old daughters boyfriend to spend the night. Every night. I think he lives there now. I know he beats her, I've heard her crying for help. I also know he beats her while the mother is home. I guess she feels like she doesn't have to beat the kid if the boyfriend does it. I feel helpless, like there is nothing I can do about it. There are two girls there, one fourteen and one seventeen, but neither of them go to school. The mom says they are home schooled. I don't believe it. The mother does not work, she just collects money from the government. A lot of people in this country do that, people who are completely able to work. Instead of working, they take take take.

I see these people who cannot contribute to society, and it's this hideous cycle. The worst part is, for them it is normal to act this way. I wish there was something I could do. It's so confusing for me, you know when you get involved and try to help someone it usually blows up in your face.

Last night, Fredi and I went out to dinner. While we were waiting for our table, two people who were morbidly obese people walked into the restaurant. A woman, on her way out started pointing and laughing. She was so loud and obnoxious. After she got out the door, I looked at Fredi and said, "She was really ugly and we didn't point and laugh. Some people are so rude." Maybe that wasn't the nicest thing to say, but I had to say something.
Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Caution! Wet Floor.

I check my schedule and I see Caracas, Venezuela. That would be cool and all to go there but, its a turn. My flight leaves at midnight and returns the next day at noon!

I will fly all night, drop off passengers, pick up more and fly back. Kind of rough, but I was well rested.

As I went outside to head to the airport, I noticed it was raining, HARD!

I'm thinking turbulence and delays. I had to stop for fuel on my way to work. I went into the mini market to buy some mints and BOOM! I fall flat on my face, bust open my lip, and my dress ends up around my waist. I was wearing three inch heels, one foot went one way, one foot went the other.

So I'm laying on the floor of a crowded mini market, bleeding as I struggle to cover my backside gracefully. I look up, and there is the bright yellow sign. Cuidado! Piso Mojado. Ah snap, I missed the warning of the wet floor.

People are staring, and asking if I'm OK. I rush into the ladies room and see blood running down my lip. I straighten my hair, smooth out my uniform, wipe the blood from my lip, and hold my head high to go buy those mints.

As I'm standing in line I'm trying not to make eye contact with any of the customers. It's bad enough being in a public place in uniform, let alone after everyone has seen what's underneath it!

The rest of the trip went pretty smooth, it was all uphill from there.
Tuesday, January 02, 2007

One Ghetto Candle

I haven't been able to blog because of my work schedule. I have been working so much! I cannot complain, because I will like my next paycheck.

However, I didn't even have time to put up my Christmas tree. I have collected Christmas ornaments from the 1920's to the 1960's, and now I have quite an extensive collection. Next year, I will put up a tree. This year, it just didn't happen.

What I did manage to do was, put a candle in each one of my windows. But, I was so tired I only had the energy to turn on one candle. I was thinking, was it even worth it to turn on one candle? My front porch had a flag with a Pumpkin on it leftover from Thanksgiving, and one lone ghetto candle in the window, laying on it's side, knocked over by the cat.

I did manage to hang a wreath on my door today. Better late than never right?

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