Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Cory Worthington Interview

I don't mean to laugh, but I can't help it! "Nah, Nah, My glasses are famous." They are now.
Friday, January 11, 2008

Feral Children Fact or Fiction...

When I thought of feral children in the past, I just thought of my sisters kids. No, I'm joking!  I love my nieces so much, even though they can be a bit wild.

I thought The Jungle Book was just a myth. Now I realize, the story could have some truth to it after reading an article in The Daily Mail about a wolf boy. He escaped from the hospital in Russia after attacking some of the staff. As you can see from the picture, his toenails grew into claws and they also said his teeth were very sharp. They believe he was raised by a pack of wolves. He did not understand when they tried to speak to him. They said he "seemed about ten, but tests showed he could be much older".

I started digging around for more information on feral children and came across THIS site. The stories are sad, sickening, and incredibly thought provoking. Children raised by dogs, wolves, monkeys, even goats. Check it out at if you dare.

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