Friday, July 29, 2005

Liar Liar Pants on Fire!

Did you know that the average person lies 150 to 200 times per day? Is that crazy or what? Personally, I try and check my self from telling little fibs.

I see my family lie quite often and it disturbs me. The phone rings, it's a telemarketer and my little sister tells them my parents aren't home. For that she gets a "Good job honey!" Thats sick. Why can't you just say what your mean? My other sister makes up elaborate lies to tell her boyfriend. I ask her "why can't you tell him the truth? You're doing nothing wrong."

I hold myself to a higher standard. Alas, even I am not immune to the lying. My Daughter knows that I am always stressing the importance of telling the truth. But my problem is when I am sleeping. Whenever I am sleeping and interact with someone I tell lies!

Just the other night, My Daughter and I were watching The Dukes of Hazzard (not the movie, the TV show)and I fell asleep. She was trying to wake me up to see the end of the show. I wouldn't budge! So she decided to give me a raspberry on my side. Needless to say I woke up! I yelled "What is wrong with you!" (I didn't remember most of this stuff. She told me the next day.) She said, "I'm sorry!" I said, "No you're not!" "Now I'm sick you made me sick!" I wasn't sick at all. I totally lied. I guess I followed her into her room. "Leave me alone!" She screamed, and I went back to bed.

The next morning I went in to wake her. My Daughters glasses were in the middle of the floor. I asked her why her glasses were in the middle of the floor, and she told me she was so upset the night before she started crying and ran in her room throwing her glasses on the floor.

Of course I apologised, and I had to tell her I was lying. I wasn't sick, not at all. I didn't even remember exactly what had happend until she told me. Even then it was like a faint memory of someone else.

My daughter was crushed that I could lie to her. I had to explain that I only lie in my sleep. And please don't believe anything I say when I am sleeping in the future.

It's funny how we are such liars by nature isn't it? Ever since I learned how many times per day the average person lies, I decided to start to pay attention to lying. Anytime I plan a little tiny lie, I rethink it and say no, that's a lie. I'm telling the truth.

I challenge anyone who reads this to give it a try. See how many times you or someone you know lies. It's amazing when you are not hardened to lying anymore. You begin to realize, I am being lied to 150 to 200 times per day! That's amazing isn't it?

Food for thought.


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