Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Better Safe Than Sorry

Working in the mall, I see a lot of real crappy parents.

I decided today that I would start documenting just what I see with these people.

There was a woman, walking with her two year old daughter. Well, walking with her is actually a stretch, the kid was trailing about 30 feet behind her, and the mother didn't bother to look where she was. The kid lost sight of her mother and some patrons on a bench pointed in the direction her mother went, the kid went off running to reach her, and surprise surprise, the mother never knew she lost her.

This is the mall where just a few years ago a woman was shot in the face on her way into Macy's. She died moments later. There was no motive and it appeared random. With that said, would you allow your two year old out of your sight?

I see this every day. Once, I found a three year old boy in a parking lot. He was alone it was about 9:00 PM in January. He was so cute, I would have gladly taken him home. He couldn't talk, so we had to try and find his parents without his aid. About 20 minutes later, we found them inside a store and the kicker, they didn't even know he was missing! How is that for some safe parenting?

About a week later, I was at work, and I see a small child, barely two years old, run out of a store and through the mall, alone. I saw where he came from, so I took him back inside to find the parent. I found her, she didn't know he was missing either. Can you guess what happened after that? She started yelling at her adolescent son that he was supposed to be watching him! Just who is the parent here?

Each year thousands of children are abducted in this Country. Is it really so difficult to pay attention to a child? If it is, I would suggest you leave them home, with a competent baby sitter or family member. I just wonder what some of the missing childrens parents were like. Did they pay attention their childs whereabouts? I'm sure in many cases you cannot fault the parents, but it's better to be safe than sorry.


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