Wednesday, July 19, 2006

If You Have To Sign A Waiver...

You know what they say about people on the East Coast. They say we're rude, but really were just sick.

So today I went to Dutch Springs. I should have known it was going to be extreme when I had to sign a waiver just to get into the Aqua Park.

It's pretty cool. It's a quarry and in the swimming area it's 50 feet deep. You can kayak, snorkel, scuba dive, and play on all of the blow ups. There are huge blow up glaciers you can climb and jump off of. Kids were climbing up them and then falling down on other kids heads. It was fun to watch them climb and then to see their chins bounce off of the climbing handles as they plunged down the side of the glacier leaving a pile of kids in the water.

I was waiting for Med-Evac. Never happened, surprisingly. So many people were getting hurt. I did see someone being carried away with a swollen ankle.

The best part is, it's people of all ages. They don't separate the little kids from the big ones or even the adults for that matter. Everyone was just going wild. Kids wrestling with adults (strangers), big kids launching little kids into the air, flipping around in circles and screaming bloody murder as they belly flopped into the water.

There were these two kids, about 15 years old, one of them met two other kids about five and six years old. The big kid, called his friend over and told him they were going to launch the little guys into the air. The biggest kid says "I'm launching the one in the yellow life vest, and you're launching the one in the red." Then his friend said, "But I want the one in the yellow, he's smaller." As he points to the tiny five year old.

So, the six year old jumps off of the tower, and onto the launch pad, he crawled to the end, and then the five year old jumped down to launch him. The two big boys were up top fighting over the five year old.

So Tiny Tim jumps off of the tower and his six year old friend just bounced a little. He didn't launch. Then the older boy is yelling to the six year old "GET OFF! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" He wanted to be launched, so he was waiting for someone bigger to jump down off of the tower. So the six year old gets off the launch pad, and the five year old moves into his position. His new teenage friend says, "Are you ready?" Tiny Tim nods, With all of his strength this big kids jumps and launches the kid 30 feet in the air doing cartwheels into a group screaming people. "SPLAT"

It doesn't get much better than this.

The life guards came over to check that he was OK, but he was busy choking on water.

This place is great, I highly recommend it. It's better than watching those Japanese programs where they run into walls, and roll down hills, and do all of that crazy stuff.


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