Friday, November 17, 2006

My Pets Act Like Animals

You know those stories about how animals alert humans to danger? All the stories you hear about amazing things that dogs and cats can do to help humans.

Not mine. This morning, I was watching television, and I hear something that sounds like water running. I mute the television, and realize it's the dog and cat wrestling around playing.

I think nothing of it and go back to watching my program. A commercial comes on, and I drag my butt out to the kitchen to do the dishes. I get out there, and the dog and cat are splashing around in about two inches of water playing! My washing machine broke and the kitchen was flooding.

Do you think the dog or cat could have let me know? Do you think the dog could have barked or something? No, they make it their own personal water park. Two hours later, I have all the water cleaned up, and now the dog and cat are sleeping exhausted from playing in the water.

Oh well, at least my kitchen floor is so clean right now it sparkles.


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