Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Not it!

I guess I'm not the marrying type. I'm not one of those women who dreams about the house with the white picket fence. I don't even want that. I think I'd be more content to live in a warehouse. I like my space.

I really thought I was among the minority of women until I went to my cousins wedding. Traditionally when a bride gets married, at the reception she blindly throws her bouquet out to a group of single women. As the tradition goes, whichever woman catches the bouquet, she will be the next to get married.

I didn't even want to get up, but I was poked and prodded until I joined the crowd of about fifty women to go catch the bouquet. My cousin turns away from the crowd, so she couldn't see who she was throwing it to. She tosses her lovely bouquet of flowers into the air, and without any discussion ALL of the women run away from it. The bouquet lands on the floor like a dead rat!

Unbelievable. I remember going to wedding receptions as a child, and the women would fight to catch the bouquet. I guess I'm not the only woman who does not want to get married. Hilarious.


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