Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fitness Pole Dancing

I have enjoyed dancing for most of my life, you know, ballet, jazz, hip hop, whatever I can find. Lately, I have been wanting to try the fitness pole dancing. I love gymnastics and dance, I think that would nicely combine the two and give me a not so boring work out.

Fredi doesn't want me to do it because he said it would send an inappropriate message to young girls. I am not interested in it in any other way except for the fitness aspect of it. But my husband is ultra conservative, and that is one of the reasons I married him. So I will wait for the right time to persuade him over to my side.

I was in Orlando the other day, in the airport there is a tram. Inside the tram there are poles. I was in uniform, but I wanted to give it a try so I jumped on and went for a spin. But, there was a little girl who saw me do it, and she immediately grabbed a pole and started spinning. Her parents were mortified, and pulled her off the pole. She was still smiling, and I know she was thinking, "that was fun!". Which it was.

I guess I see what Fredi was talking about, with the impression a pole can make on children. I'm no Paris Hilton, that is for sure, I don't want to be! For me it was almost the same thing as jumping on a trampoline, I wish climbing a pole wasn't so taboo.

It seems with fitness pole dancing classes popping up around the country, perhaps it will change into something less provocative and more about fitness, then I will take some classes. I guess my husband wouldn't mind me taking classes in private, but he has already said no to me installing a pole in the living room. He did buy me a trampoline for the back yard though...


polechick said...

If you check out some vids on you tube you will see that pole dancing is not all "sexual". I got my husband to buy a pole for me at the start of the year. All our kids know about the pole and that it is for went over well...the pole is in my bedroom due to lack of space anywhere else in the home. I even showed the kids 10 years and up, that pole dance is a form of fitness...I choose select vids from you tube to show what a workout it is and they are all ok with it. Here are a few links that I showed my kids you might be interested in it. Just copy and past the links.

this girl is amazing:

here is a link for a guy who dances at a night club that he works at in LA:

she is another good one:

and one more funny one:

Deanna said...

Thanks pole chick! I will check it out. I know he will end up on my side eventually :)


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