Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kids Need To Sleep in Their Own Beds!

I don't understand that whole kids sleeping over at friend's houses garbage. I never allow my child to sleep anywhere but at home, unless it is a family member and that is even rare. I guess if there was a birthday party, I would would maybe let her stay overnight, but I don't know.

Why can't kids sleep in their own bed and see their friends the next day? I mean think about it, do you really know the parents of the other children? People may seem one way, but be another. If that other parent is allowing your child to drink would your child tell you? I was watching a commercial yesterday that says one in six boys is molested. That's huge!

Don't even get me started about the parents that allow boys to stay at girls houses, or girls stay at the boys houses! That is so sickening. Why do some parents want their kids doing adult things? They are kids, let them enjoy their innocence. I don't care what anyone says, I want to know where my child is at all times.

Hopefully parents carefully screen the daycare center where they send their kids, and there are multiple people present so it is more likely they would be aware of any wrong doing. But what happens when your child stays at a friend's house behind closed doors? Are you sure you know? What harm can be done by having your child sleep in their own bed at night? None. What harm can be done by allowing your child to sleep at a friend's house? Who knows? I always say better safe than sorry.


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