Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I like A Good Joke, BUT...

I recently had a three day trip with one of my classmates from training. She put the "trip" in three day trip.

I also met my perfect lead flight attendant on that trip. Her name is Lorrie. We liked all the same food, we worked really well together, and we were both love to dance. So when we were in NYC, we got to take a Hip Hop Class at Broadway Dance Center. It was supposed to be a Jazz Class, but the instructor cancelled at the last minute. Forcing us to take a Hip Hop Class. It was FUN! I'm glad it worked out that way.

Anyway, Heather, my classmate, the night before the first day of the trip, decided to stay up all night because it was an early check in. I had to wake up at 2:15 AM, but I at least had some sleep, by getting to bed by 11:30 PM.

Due to lack of sleep Heather was in rare form. The entire first morning, as we were on our way to Atlanta, she greeted everyone on the plane by saying, "Hi! Ya'll ready to go to Florida?" The people were so worried that they were not going to Atlanta. Then Lorrie, had to go comfort all of the passengers and reassure them that they were not going to Florida, but to Atlanta.

Right before the safety demo, I see heather sit on the arm of the first class seat to ask one business man, "So what are you going to do when you get to Florida?"

The passenger played along because he had already been "debriefed" about the whole Florida thing by Lorrie.

I sat at the airport yesterday waiting for a trip and ran into Heather again. She told me that the other day wasn't the first time that she played the "Florida" trick.

She said on a flight a few months ago, the agent informed her that one more passenger was coming and he was running to make the flight, from a connection.

After the agent left, Heather got on the PA and made an announcement, "There is one more passenger we are waiting for, and he's a friend of mine, I am going to tell him we're going to Florida and not Las Vegas so everybody play along." She didn't know him, she totally made that part up.

He gets to the plane and they close the door. Heather makes her final announcement "Welcome aboard flight 1234 to Fort Lauderdale Florida."

The guy starts panicking and sweating. He tells her he's on the wrong flight. Heather proceeds to tell him that it's too late they have already pushed back and cannot open the door. None of the passengers told him the truth either.

She said she kept him going the entire flight, until she made her final announcement after landing, "Welcome to Las Vegas Nevada!"

She said he called her a name that rhymes with "witch" as he got off the plane.

That's taking a joke to the extreme, even for Heather!


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