Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Parents Just Don't Understand

I went to a football game over the weekend. If I see a bunch of girls doing cartwheels, of course I have to go do some too. That always gets me a crowd. Considering I haven't done gymnastics in about a year I went a bit far with some front handspring's, so I'm kind of limping today but that's another story.

I met a bunch of kids running around the game and they started asking me to teach them some gymnastic tricks. One girl in particular, was starving for attention. She was about ten, and a very sweet girl.

We worked on this one skill with her for about a half an hour. I couldn't believe it, but she went from being very afraid to even try it with me spotting her, to doing it by herself!

She went and showed her Mom, her Mom watched, nodded and smiled. Then the kid went to show her Dad. Her Dad barely watched, and then when prompted by his daughter, he said it was "good." He barely looked at her. She worked so hard on that trick.

I felt so bad because here was a child I had only just met and I knew how important something was to her. Her own father had no idea. He wasn't busy, he wasn't doing anything else, he just didn't care.

That is just sad.


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