Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Why I Don't Like Soda?

Yesterday I was talking to my boyfriend about how I don't like to drink soda. I really only like to drink water, Green Tea (because it's good for me not for the taste) and the occasional Red Bull. He says I'm the only person he knows that does not like soda.

When I was a kid, my parents always pushed soda on me. I hated it. My sister was given Coke in her bottle. She loved the stuff. I remember going out to dinner, asking the waitress for water, and my parents ordering me a soda instead. I would say, "Please can't I just have water?" I would have to drink that nasty stuff, and when I got home I'd hit the water.

Every time we went out to dinner, my little sister Leanne got a big glass of soda. Every time she knocked that big glass over and it would end up on my Dad. He would get so mad at her! I thought it was hilarious. I would always say, "You should get her water, it wouldn't make such a mess." My sister always spilled her soda because she was hyperactive from all that sugar.

I guess things were different back then or something. I remember going with a friend and her family to McDonalds. We were going through the drive through, and my friends Mom asked me what I wanted to drink, "water" was my reply. She kept asking me over and over, "Are you sure?" I told her "I don't like soda." She looked at me like I had three heads. She came back at me, "How about some Iced Tea?" "No, I like water." Why was that so hard for adults to understand?

When my friends mom ordered my water, she said, "And one water, the kid doesn't like soda. Can you believe that?" It was so embarassing.

My Dad and sister still drink all that soda. To this day, people still tell me I drink too much water and that it "Couldn't be healthy." I often think, would I have liked soda if my parents would have not forced it on me? Hmm... I wonder.


Anonymous said...

wow..i found your blog through google (i searched "why dont i like soda"). i always thought i was probably the only other person on Earth who hates soda but apparently not lol.

seriously, soda is overrated! ;D

Deanna said...

That's awesome! I thought I was the only one too.

Soda haters unite woot!

Anonymous said...

You are not alone. I also hate soda, but my parents never forced me to drink it. I just don't like the taste of sweet drinks of any kind (I drink iced tea with lemon but no sweetener). Also, the carbonation in soda burns my throat, and the flavor of Coke is nasty.

Anonymous said...

I hate soda too

Anonymous said...

When I was a teen I would drink soda like it was going out of style, I quit drinking it due all the chemicals they put in that stuff. I tried to drink it a few years ago and spit it straight out, now that I haven't had it in year I hate the taste. I don't know how I ever drink that stuff.. yuck.. Now I drink water all the time.. and maybe a sweet tea once in a while. :)

Anonymous said...

Thought I was the only one too! Hate the taste and especially the fizz... who ever thought carbon dioxide gas was a great idea to drink?
Am met with wonder and suspicions when I order water instead, the world is getting more and more messed up.
Hot water with lemon can be recommended if you don't like the bitter/sweet teas - so good!

Anonymous said...

I used to drink soda occasionally. but then I stopped drinking it because of chemical and stuff and I tried it yesterday and I didnt like the very sweet taste. Beers only for me I guess.

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