Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Caution! Wet Floor.

I check my schedule and I see Caracas, Venezuela. That would be cool and all to go there but, its a turn. My flight leaves at midnight and returns the next day at noon!

I will fly all night, drop off passengers, pick up more and fly back. Kind of rough, but I was well rested.

As I went outside to head to the airport, I noticed it was raining, HARD!

I'm thinking turbulence and delays. I had to stop for fuel on my way to work. I went into the mini market to buy some mints and BOOM! I fall flat on my face, bust open my lip, and my dress ends up around my waist. I was wearing three inch heels, one foot went one way, one foot went the other.

So I'm laying on the floor of a crowded mini market, bleeding as I struggle to cover my backside gracefully. I look up, and there is the bright yellow sign. Cuidado! Piso Mojado. Ah snap, I missed the warning of the wet floor.

People are staring, and asking if I'm OK. I rush into the ladies room and see blood running down my lip. I straighten my hair, smooth out my uniform, wipe the blood from my lip, and hold my head high to go buy those mints.

As I'm standing in line I'm trying not to make eye contact with any of the customers. It's bad enough being in a public place in uniform, let alone after everyone has seen what's underneath it!

The rest of the trip went pretty smooth, it was all uphill from there.


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