Tuesday, January 02, 2007

One Ghetto Candle

I haven't been able to blog because of my work schedule. I have been working so much! I cannot complain, because I will like my next paycheck.

However, I didn't even have time to put up my Christmas tree. I have collected Christmas ornaments from the 1920's to the 1960's, and now I have quite an extensive collection. Next year, I will put up a tree. This year, it just didn't happen.

What I did manage to do was, put a candle in each one of my windows. But, I was so tired I only had the energy to turn on one candle. I was thinking, was it even worth it to turn on one candle? My front porch had a flag with a Pumpkin on it leftover from Thanksgiving, and one lone ghetto candle in the window, laying on it's side, knocked over by the cat.

I did manage to hang a wreath on my door today. Better late than never right?


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