Friday, December 28, 2007

How to NOT be attacked by a shark.

Since I am pregnant I have all these crazy dreams. Last night I had the second dream that my Pug was sitting on the ocean floor. He can't swim and would sink like a brick. I rescued him, and he was fine.

I love the ocean so much I always dream about it, even when I am not pregnant. I am more comfortable in the water than I am on the land. In the water, swimming is like flying and you are weightless.

Last night after my dream, I couldn't fall back to sleep and I got to thinking about something that made me laugh. I thought I would share.

When I am in the water, I am not afraid as long as I am busy doing something. A lot of the time I like to just float around in the waves. While I am floating my mind wanders to sharks. I have a way around that so I never worry about a shark bite.

I always position myself in the water near some flailing swimmers. You know the ones, the ones that are splashing around and are not the most graceful swimmers. I perfect my strokes to swim like a graceful mermaid while the swimmers around me look like a dying fish! In all those Jaws movies the shark always attacked the unsuspecting flailing swimmers. I don't know that my theory would even work, but it does give me a little peace of mind.

I love sharks, and shark attacks are extremely rare but I still don't want to swim with them.



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