Monday, September 12, 2005

Ben Franklin would be proud

I'm so proud of Philadelphia. It really is The City of Brotherly Love.

Mayor John Street has really opened up the city to the Hurricane Katrina victims. It's called Project Brotherly Love. I've been watching the news for days as he has been pleading with the people to come here because "we want to help".

It just moves me the generosity that Philadelphia is showing. They converted the old Wanamaker school into a sort of holding area. There are cots, computer stations, tv's, pool tables, toys, clothes, our doctors and nurses were there to help, the list goes on and on. It's a beautiful thing.

I watched as city workers took evacuees on tours of the city to relax. They sent them on a trolley ride of the city. The city quickly rallied together and renovated apartments and condos.

It was so exciting to watch them go through the apartments with evacuees and say "who wants this one" and a man raised his hand and said I will take it, my wife will be along later. She is on dialysis.

Everyone was cheering as the housing was given out. The mayor said "We will find a way to help these people." I believe they will too.

I saw private citizens donate their rental units to the victims. That really is why we accumulate wealth isn't it? To help others. It is what truly makes you feel good. Not just to accumulate more stuff.

I later watched the local news, and one of the Evacuees was in a barber shop in Philly, receiving some much deserved pampering. Everyone sitting around the barber shop was talking story with him. It was really sweet. One thing that really stuck in my mind was when this dear gentleman said "I'm getting spoiled here. If this keeps up I'm not leaving!"

This is the same city I had ducked gunfire in the street more than ten years ago. I'm thrilled with the progress. There is a spirit of love in that city. Benjamin Franklin would be proud.


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