Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm rubber and you're glue

This morning, I was repeatedly insulted. There was this woman, in her late fifties, maybe early sixties. She said "can I ask you a question about computers?" "My knowledge is limited. I am in sales, not technical assistance, but I'll do my best." Was my reply. She has AOL and wants to send an e-mail to someone that has an e-mail address with my company.

I kept telling her that I don't sell America Online and that it was a technical question for them. I'm not an idiot so I gave her my hypothesis on the situation. I gave my opinion because she kept pressing me with the question. She then proceeded to tell me she had been using computers her entire life. I guess she had been using the Internet for over 50 years too. What I was really thinking was, if you mean two tin cans and a string that doesn't really count.

My point is, I don't understand why people ask questions when they know it all anyway. She kept telling me, no, you are wrong. Even when she was asking questions in my area of expertise. (They had to do with the company I work for.)

I would have gotten upset about this if it had not been so sad. Next time someone offends you, try to look not at what they do to you. Look at them as who they are. They have to live with themselves daily. It's a moment of offense for us, versus the lifetime offense that is them. Sad but true.


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