Friday, September 09, 2005

Is unscrupulous too strong of a word?

Just a few weeks ago, I was trying on shoes. I needed to choose between two colors. I had an idea that one color was better than the other, but I really couldn't tell because the lighting wasn't great and neither was the mirror.

The sales lady told me that both were so great and one color made me look so classy, while the other one looked perfect for my feet.

I believed her. She said she would give me a great price if I took them both. The price was good, but I only NEEDED one pair. I don't like to have excess.

I succumbed to the pressure and now have two pairs of shoes.

When I got home in front of a good mirror, I realized the white pair looked horrible on me.

That was when I realized I'd been sold. That was a lose, lose situation.

She may have sold two pairs of shoes that day, but lost all of my future business.


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