Thursday, August 18, 2005

Things are not always as they appear

Joyce Meyer says something that is so completely true, "Hurting people hurt people."

Today, as I was walking into work, some people I knew were outside waving to me and giving me attention.

There was a woman standing there giving me a "Oh, I know you are so trifilin'!" look. You know the look that says "You are not all that!"

She was looking at my feet. I had on my cute Dr. Scholl's that are leopard print with rhinestone buckles. (I get compliments on them every time I wear them.) I had just gotten a pedicure.

To put this in perspective, I was just returning to work after my Great Aunt's Funeral two hours earlier. I was still raw from yesterday when I went to court, and because of the outcome my dreams had been completely shattered.

Anyway, when this woman looked at me like that, my first thought was to ignore her. I was hurting enough. But, because of my pain, I could see through to hers. Insight I may not have had two days ago.

I looked into her eyes and flashed her the most sincere smile I could muster. Her demeanor completely changed and she smiled a big smile right back at me. Instantly we both felt better.

This reminds me, that we never know just what someone is going through in their life and if we respond with love, there is no wrong answer.


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