Monday, August 22, 2005

Top 10 T-Shirts and Pants that made me say hmm today

Sometimes I shake my head, sometimes I laugh, but I always say hmm...

10. High Roller (with dice) being worn by a chubby girl high on her roll.

9. I'm a swinger (with a graphic of a cute monkey) worn by a tween. Hello! Mom? Do you know what that means?

8. I knew what I did was wrong when I woke up this morning. Worn by a teenage girl.

7. A picture of Marilyn Manson in a unitard. EWWWW, worn by a teenage boy.

6. I'm the Evil Twin. Worn by the twin that definitely looked evil. Other twin looked normal. Good call.

5. Pain is weakness leaving your body. -Marines Worn by you guessed it a marine.

4. I was only gone six minutes not 15! My shirt directed toward my boss.

3. A shirt with geometric prints and an arrow pointing up toward one breast. Worn by a middle aged woman. Note to self: Look in mirror before leaving house.

2. Hot Crabs! On the back of a twenty somethings sweatpants. I guess she is proud of her crabs. She thinks they're hot.

1. Stick it! On the back of a teenage girls pants. Stick what? Stick it where? There? Oh my GOSH that's GROSS! I guess she's a gymnast.


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