Thursday, August 25, 2005

Tattoo Today, Tattoo Tomorrow Too

I read a quote the other day that said something like "in 40 years there will be an awful lot of old ladies with tattoos."

To me, tattoos are ugly. I see people with tattoos so ugly I wouldn't even want a sticker with that design. Yet they put it on their bodies.

I guess I'm a long term kind of thinker. I always thought of tattoos as subway graffiti. It's difficult for me to like anything long term. How can you like the same tattoo at 20 as you would at 30?

At 20 I would have gotten a peace sign for a tattoo. Now at 30, I'd feel like an idiot walking around with a peace sign on my body. I guess I could have taken out one line and turned it into a Mercedes symbol. That would be kind of cool.

Then, at 40, I could take out the rest of the lines and make it into a Smiley face. At 50, it would look sullen, and at 60, it will be a frown all on its own. Then, at parties, I could pull my arm skin back up and make it smile and I would be cool again.

That is just my opinion of tattoos in case you were wondering.


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