Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pray For Tara

I was reading an article by Jon Bonne on MSN called Tara Reid goes wild again (and again), and realized, how spot on he was about Tara Reid.

And I quote "My college years involved an unhealthy amount of time behind a frat-house bar, accosted for cups of nasty beer by drunk, rowdy women whose vocal chords were shot and whose clothes were in various states of dishevelment. They were determined to party, even if the beer in our kegs would have been better used to mop floors and remove epoxy."

"Whenever I see Tara, these memories instantly come flooding back. I suspect I'm not alone."

Ouch, I see exactly what he is talking about.

I remember one year as a kid I went to the Jersey Shore with my parents and their friends. I remember My Mother's friend Gloria. She was staggering drunk with her makeup running down to her knees saying "I shulda called the plops and haaad him arrested." As a plop of her spit landed in my eye.

That's Tara Reid. She's the plops lady. I'm not writing this to make fun of her. It's more of a plea for prayers for her.

Mike Murdock says "What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you." I could always use prayer so I'm going to pray for her.

Feel free to use my prayer.

Dear Lord, Please help Tara Reid see that she has a problem with alcohol. I ask that you help her through whatever difficult situation she is in, and to send good Christian people across her path. Help her to stop being a role model on what not to do. In Jesus name I ask and pray.



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