Thursday, December 15, 2005

Find A Penny Pick It Up...

Remember as a child the excitement you had when you found a penny on the ground? Remember how we would save money to buy the things that we wanted?

Yesterday, I saw a little three year old girl pick up a shiny penny and then lift it into the air in triumph to show her Mother her prize.

Today, we see a nickel on the ground and could not be bothered to pick it up.

I have a friend who would sort through her change and throw her pennies into the garbage. That is quite a difference.

My daughter started to picking up change a few months ago. Anything, pennies, nickels, dimes, or quarters. She already has 20 dollars!

We should all have more enthusiasm in finding money and not just spending it. Even Jesus told Peter to get a coin from the mouth of a fish to pay his taxes. Now that is creative!

With the new year coming, I would like to put more of an effort to be more childlike concerning money. Childlike in my enthusiasm, not immature in handling it.


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