Friday, December 02, 2005

Take this job and shove it!

I was a college dropout. I decided to pick up some extra cash waitressing while I was starting a new business.

The waitress deal was working out quite nicely. The Couple that owned the restaurant treated me very well. I became friends with their daughter. We were close to the same age. We hung out all the time.

One day when I was at work, her Dad (my boss) asked me to show him my horse. He said I could stay on the clock, and he loved horses and it was his dream to ride one. I asked if his daughter was coming. He said she was busy.

At this point I didn't think too much of it. We went to the farm, I showed him the horse and then we headed back to the restaurant.

On the way back to the restaurant, he propositioned me. If I would have an affair with him, he would pay me.

Let me tell you, I was ready to jump out of a moving vehicle. I reached for the door handle and said "You're married! I teach Sunday School! I don't even say curse words. Let me out of here!"

He apologised and stopped the car. I jumped out and ran back to the restaurant. I was so upset. I was planning on quitting that stupid job.

I went home to try and tell my Dad what happened. I figured my Dad would pay my boss a visit. You know, maybe fit him in some cement shoes or something.

Here is how the conversation went with my Dad:

Me: "Dad, I have to quit my job."

Dad: "Why?"

Me: "My boss came on to me, and wanted to cheat on his wife with me." (I'm bracing for the yelling.)

Dad: "Oh grow up! That's life. Don't quit your job over something so stupid!"

I just stood there in shock. I got a two fold education that day.

There are dirty old men in this world, and Dads just don't understand.


Rachel said...

Deanna that's our dad for you
i'm only twelve and i don't have a job yet but i'm old enough to know that we could be sitting here bleeding to death and dad would proubly say oh it's far from your heart ok maybe i'm exaggerating a little but if you were old enough to have a job i would think you would know how dad is that's why you always go to your mom or your friends mom they'll unterstand better

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