Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Happy Birthday Fredi!

My favorite person will be 25 years old today!

In honor of his Birthday, I would like to write a bit about my fiance Fredi and highlight a few of his wonderful qualities.

Fredi is the youngest of 14 children. All the children have the same Mother and Father, and they are still married today.

Everyone always tells me how fortunate I am to have found him. My question is, "What about him! He's fortunate to have found me too, right?" They always say, "well, yeah, but you know what I mean."

Fredi can do anything. He is good at everything. He can fix a roof, fix a car, hang drywall, paint better than a professional, do plumbing, electrical work, train horses, drive a race car, and can speak two languages. Oh, and he's super hot too.

In the four years we have been together, we have only had one argument, and it ended in less than an hour. He has never raised his voice toward me, and has never called me a bad name, or talked bad about me to anyone else.

Fredi also never lets anyone take advantage of him, and can read a persons character from one conversation. I have to admit, he's right 99.9 times out of 100!

One quarter of a century. How the time flies!

I've learned a lot from Fredi, and I look forward to the 25+ more Birthdays we will spend together.

Happy Birthday Fredi!


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