Saturday, December 03, 2005

Kimora Lee Simmons Says "Think Big"

Last night I was watching 20/20. They were showcasing The New Rich. Hip-Hop Mogul Kimora Lee Simmons was one of the featured entrepreneurs.

As soon as I heard her start to talk, I grabbed my notebook. Her first tip was "Think Big". So far so good. I like that.

Then when she called Baby Phat an "Aspirational Lifestyle Brand" I saw her vision. That is a new phrase for me. Baby Phat products are affordable symbols of success and aspiration.

Even if Baby Phat customers have to scrape together money to buy one of her products they get a piece of the excessive life she leads.

Kimora also said something I liked, "for now". Meaning if that was all her customers could afford, it is only for now. She wants women to do well in business and to aspire live the good life.

She said that when a customer buys her product it satiates her hunger for the glamorous excessive lifestyle.

Find a need and satisfy it. That is a basic business strategy. That basic strategy makes her millions of dollars.

The last and most important thing I have in my notebook is, Kimora said the secret to wealth is to give. She strongly believes the more you give the more you get.

If you are a good steward over a little money, you can prove yourself worthy of a lot of money.

How much good can we do if we are not extremely wealthy? Don't get me wrong, even giving one dollar can help. But, imagine what we could do if we are like Kimora Lee Simmons and Think Big!

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