Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The REAL revenge of the Nerds

"Back in the Day" nerds or geeks wore pocket protectors and played with computers. They lived a sedentary computer and gadget lifestyle. All the "cool" people played sports and made fun of the "geeks" or "nerds".

The "geeks" spent a lot of time in front of a computer, mostly solitary with the exception of their other computer geek friends.

Times sure have changed. Geeks like Bill Gates rule the world. They make the money, and they can get any woman they want. Unlike Wyatt and Gary from the movie Wierd Science who had to create a woman.

I used to be one of the cool people. Socializing, playing sports, and not spending much time indoors. Now, I have become more like the nerds spending most of my free time in front of a computer. I too have become more sedentary.

Today, all the "cool" people are the computer savvy. A lot of people spend time on forums and in chat rooms. The nerds planned their revenge well, they made the "geek lifestyle" mainstream.


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