Friday, December 09, 2005

How Was Your Day?

How much snow did you get today?

Here, we got about seven inches of snow.

Most messed up thing you did today:

Here is what I did:
Fredi dug my car out of the snow for me for a half an hour, then I waved good-bye to him after his car went sideways and he got stuck in the snow.

I have a sprained neck and shoulder, so I couldn't help him anyway. Why should we both be late for work?

The neighbor boys dug him out, so it was all good.

Best thing that happened all day?

I made more sales today than I made all of last month.

The most exciting and sad thing you saw today?

I watched two police officers and two security men wrestle a man to the ground and then slapped cuffs on him. They were yelling at him to "freeze!"

He wouldn't listen. That was when they wrestled him to the ground. The police were telling him to put his hands behind his back, he wouldn't listen. They really roughed him up.

As it turns out, he was deaf.

That was my day today. How was your day?


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