Sunday, December 04, 2005

Suicide or Murder? You Decide.

I just read an article in the New York Post about Lee Yoon-hyung.

She was a South Korean Samsung Heiress studying at New York University in NYC.

Her ex-boyfriend found her body dangling behind a door in her New York apartment by an electrical cord.

At first her death was reported as a car accident by a Samsung spokesman. But then, the reporters found no record of a car accident involving Lee Yoon-hyung in the New York City Area.

They the "truth" was revealed that it was a suicide. I just don't buy this. The Heiress' father is Samsung Chairman and CEO, Lee Kun-hee. Lee Yoon-hyung's shares in Samsung alone are reportedly worth 191 million.

Sure, her fathers health is ailing (he is said to be suffering from Cancer), and her boyfriend had broken up with her.


This girl had so much to live for. Do you think at 26 years old she would end her own life over a guy?

She was beautiful, famous, and studying over seas in New York City. She was a real go getter. Not wanting to be known for her families accomplishments. She wanted to make her own name for herself.

Sure her heart was broken by her ex-boyfriend. The same one ex-boyfriend that found her dead. Lee Yoon-hyung's parents disapproved of the relationship because he was "middle class". Why did he let himself into her apartment if they were no longer together?

Ruling it so quickly as a suicide does not sit well with me. Something is wrong with this story. I'm sure there could be numerous suspects. Murder I can believe, suicide I just do not believe.

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