Thursday, December 01, 2005

If you don't blog, maybe you should.

I love being a blogger. You have a platform. You can call out people on their behavior. Maybe, even in front of an audience.

So many times, we suffer in silence. Unable to say a word.

Or, maybe something so terrific has happened, and there is no one to tell.

At least here, in the blogosphere we can publish our own thoughts and possibly learn something about ourselves in the process.

There is a fine line between being able to work through "issues" and actually making yourself more vulnerable through blogging.

I try and look at situations that actually hurt in one way or another, and find the humor in them.

Not all things are bad of course. A lot of really good things happen as well. Blogging is a way to grow, as a writer and as person.

I have always kept a diary. Ever since I was eight. So believe me when I say it is much better to be able to cut and paste than to write your little heart out only on paper. Now, I do both.

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