Monday, November 07, 2005

Between the Lines, Britney and K-Daddy

I'm sure by now you all have heard Kevin Federlines "leaked" rap song. I didn't think a song was considered leaked if you gave your producer permission yourself to post it on the internet. But, that is neither here nor there. If you haven't heard it yet, you can here it here.

But beyond the so called leak, According to In Touch Magazine Britney supposedly met Kevin's song "With laughter from his Superstar Wife who was unimpressed." And according to the same mole Britney said "He would sell a hundred, maybe a thousand copies if he was really lucky."

I'm going to give you my hypothesis on our little mole here. I'm willing to guess that the so called mole is Brit's publicist. Were there any reports where Britney denies her reaction to Kevins music? She may just be so fed up with her husband that she wants to teach him a lesson. She certainly knows how to work the press.

Seriously, do you think the first time Kev's gonna play his track for Britney, anyone who could be a potential mole would be there?

The timing of Kevin's "leaked" rap song couldn't have been better. It was right on the heels of Britneys "leaked" comments to In Touch Magazine. That's some high profile domestic squabble don't ya think?


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