Sunday, November 06, 2005

Nicole Richie 100% Fun 0% Calories

I saw Nicole Richie in an interview on 20/20 with Deborah Roberts. Nicole was asked if she had an eating disorder. Of course he said no. The problem is, she used the same poker face she always uses in The Simple Life when she lies. You know the one, where she slightly lowers her chin and gives the puppy dog eyes.

She was also asked about the rumor that she played a tape of Paris during a party. Nicole said, "I would never do that." I was waiting for the simple life sound effects. What I really liked was the seriousness of Deborah Roberts as she interviewed Nicole. Didn't she ever watch The Simple Life?

I was wondering if maybe Mary Kate Olsen was waiting for Nicole in the Limo. When Nicole got back out to the car, the two were probably laughing with Nicole replaying the interview for her. That Nicole, she is so much fun! I don't advocate lying, but with Nicole, I just think of it as "joking".

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