Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Press Monster Paris Hilton Gets Struck Again

Paris, why did you have to ditch Tink? She never bit you in the face did she?

I know this is rude, but I would like to see a video of Paris Hilton's pet monkey Baby Luv when she clawed Paris' face. Uh, just to make sure it really happened.

How is it that Paris always comes out of every situation smelling like a rose? Her boyfriend trashes two of her cars, and she still lets him drive. Doesn't anyone care that she is still letting him drive? She should ban him from driving her cars.

Now her monkey scratches up her face and no one has any pictures? Maybe that story was just made up to keep her in the press, who knows. Paris has more incidents than Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson have break up rumors.

The thing is, each incident adds to her popularity. She really has that press thing down pat. How does she do it? Paris and I do have one thing in common, we share a birthday. Now, if we could just share a trust fund...

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