Thursday, November 17, 2005

Should have saved it for the wedding night...

I was on the Pennsylvania Turnpike heading into Philadelphia this past Sunday when I saw the Amerber Alert signs telling us to watch out for a red Jetta with a Male and Female inside the car. I was thinking a couple grabbed a little girl, but it turned out to be David Ludwig and Kara Borden.

Dave Lucas on his Capital Region People blog has an informative post with all the links including ones to Kara and David's blog.

Almost every problem I or anyone else has can be traced back to premarital sex. Hear me out, OK? If Kara Borden would not have been in an inapropriate relationship with David Ludwig, do you think he would have had enough passion to murder her parents? Probably not.

He was wearing what I call sex goggles. You know, kind of like beer goggles but worse because this kind usually lasts until you are no longer in that type of a realtionship with a person. You stay with some loser because you mentally impared from the sex.

My Mother was wearing sex goggles when she got pregnant from my biological father who was a heroin addict. Thanks for the legacy Mom. She was 18. I was wearing them when I got pregnant with my daughter. She pays for my impared judgement every day of her life, because she has no relationship to speak of with her Father.

Kara Borden's entire family has to pay for the rest of their lives too because of it. Her parents paid for it with their lives. The teenage girls I see pushing baby carriages around don't know it, but it wasn't exactly the unprotected sex that was their problem. It was that they had sex at all.

Parents and future parents, when you tell your kids not to have sex before marriage, tell them why. Don't tell them it's because the Bible says so. It says so, but God is not stupid. He has a reason, and the reason is to protect us. Tell them why your life got so screwed up for not being obedient. Didn't have a Dad growing up? Married the wrong man or woman? Endured years of abuse? Did have a Dad, but he was never around?

Show kids how precious they are, and that sex of any type is not an option. You know, save it for the wedding night. Tell them it is not bad, but a gift. One that keeps on giving one way or another.

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Dean said...

Excellent advice - and amen to it!

Having worked several years in youth ministry, it was always tragic to see the consequences of premarital teen sex unfold - especially when it happened to one of the 'good kids.'

Problem is, how do we deny the lie that they're not hurting anyone else unless more brave souls such as yourself get a louder voice on the community microphone?

Chance Evans said...

Very well spoken.

Anonymous said...

I suspect the problem isn't the sex.

I bet if you looked closely at David Ludwig you'd find something else wrong there. In almost every case where sex is blamed in this manner, if you removed the sex, you'd still have problems.

There are lots of people having premarital sex which you don't hear about, because the people involved are normal and responsible, and so nothing negative happens to be heard about.

Dave Lucas said...

Thanks for the link, D... and I think you're right on the money with your take on this case! Good Job!

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