Saturday, November 12, 2005

It's OK to kill some people, I guess

This morning, I was out walking my dog. I was stopped by a car who needed directions. I asked them where was the final destination. They showed me a newspaper, it had a map of Moore Township, and a box with an arrow that said "Bones found here". I said oh, I know where that is. That is my Dad's neighbor. It looked like a tour or something.

Last year there was a big to do and my Dad was interviewed on the news, he was quoted in the newspapers. You see, we had this neighbor, he was a recluse. We really didn't know him, he lived in this spooky house. There were all these trailers outside with starving neglected animals in them. The SPCA finally came out and took all of his animals away.

He had a bunch of filthy kids too. When I would ride my horse past the property about 20 of his dogs would chase my horse, then the kids would come running out into the field. I think there was about ten of them ranging from about two to twelve. They looked very neglected too.

It looked like a petting zoo gone bad. I would say hi to the kids and they would whisper and hide behind each other. I never saw a school bus pick up any of the kids. I rarely saw a car go in or out of the driveway.

Well, this guy sold the place and moved to New Jersey. A doctor bought the property and had the house and all the animal trailers demolished. When the excavator was there he found a bone. He didn't think too much of it at first. He figured it was from a cow or something. He set it aside. It started to bother him, so he contacted the police. It turned out it was human femur.

At first they were thinking it was probably old. There were some huge Indian masacres here in the past. Against each other and against the white people that lived here in the late 1700's. But that is another story.

A little bit of research was done, and they realized there was a missing persons report filed by the man's sister in 2000, he was 26 at the time of his disappearance. He had been living in the spooky house with the owner Robert Schmidt, his wife and children. The two men met in rehab.

The police closed off the place and found the rest of the remains. It was a match, it was Robert Sarko.

Now, the owner of the house, Robert Schmidt, was always home. He rarely left the property. It is about 5 acres, give or take, secluded in the woods. Bordered by a 60+ acre field (the field is on the border of my Dads property).

So you are going to tell me that this guy got killed there, with no sign of forced entry, no report of foul play and a grave was dug in the back yard and the owner of the property had no knowledge of it? I would think it would be an open and shut case. No one really pressed, the victim was a "nobody" and the alleged murderer is off without so much as a trial. Last I heard he is still living in New Jersey. It's crazy how some human beings are just "disposable".


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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