Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I may sound glib, but I'm malingering

I subscribe to The Word of The Day from I have always been fascinated with knowing the exact definition of a word.

The other day the word of the day was malinger. It is a verb that means "to pretend incapacity or illness to avoid a duty or work." How nice of someone to invent a word that sounds like a sickness. Hey boss, I can't come into work today. What's wrong? I have a bad case of malinger.

When I watched the now infamous interview between Tom Cruise and Matt Lauer, Tom told Matt he was glib. Glib means to show little thought or preparation. How often do we have to consult a dictionary when a celebrity speaks? That in itself was impressive.

With Thanksgiving Day tomorrow, I'm already in the relaxation spirit and I suspect that I am not alone. Happy Thanksgiving.

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