Friday, November 25, 2005

A Shopping Story

Picture this, I'm four years old. I'm shopping with my Mother in a department store. Being the kind of person that I am, I would hide inside the clothing rounders. If you stand up on the legs of the clothing racks, no one can see you. It's a great hiding place.

My Mother was searching for me, calling me, "Deanna, where are you?" I stayed vewy vewy quiet. I was hiding you know. Then, it stopped. I didn't hear my Mothers voice anymore. It was time to peek out from between the clothes.

She was gone! How could she be gone? I started to look for her. I saw a clerk. The clerk said, "Are you lost?" I nodded.

The next thing I remember was sitting up on the counter at the service desk. There were three women there asking me what my name was. I told them it was Elmer Fudd. They kept questioning me "What is your name little girl?" I insisted, "My name is Elmer Fudd".

Finally, over the intercom I heard "Will Elmer Fudd's Mother please come to the Service Desk. Elmer Fudd's Mother to the Service Desk please."

My Mom came running because she knew exactly who Elmer Fudd was.

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Ruthless Jack said...

good lord ! saw your piccy in ur profile and said 'cor!' anyway - nice post about jess andnick ! i had no idea they had split ! come and say hello !

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