Friday, November 18, 2005

Talan to Marry Kim Stewart, For REALS?

What a publicity goldmine. Who comes up with this stuff? Do you think the idea came to light right after the Paris Hilton car accident? Did Kimberly decide to hire Paris Hilton's Publicist?

I can see it now. "Talan, you are hot right now after that accident. Your time on Laguna Beach has ended. It would be in your best interest to do something else unexpected. The timing would be perfect if you proposed to your girlfriend. Your fame would skyrocket." "But I don't want to marry her." "You don't actually have to marry her, just get engaged." "Then we can schedule a break up to coincide with your album drop, Kay?"

Talan Torriero to Marry Kim Stewart was so brilliant, he or she deserves a raise. I'm so not a Kim Stew fan, but this is hilarious. Talan is what, 18 if he's lucky. You go you little publicity rock monsters!

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