Monday, October 10, 2005

E! True Hollywood Story, Britney and Kevin?

So last night I guess I caught the encore presentation of Britney and Kevin's E! True Hollywood Story. I kept waiting for it to get interesting so I was flipping back and forth between that and Roseanne. It was the episode where Dan finds out David was living with Darlene in her apartment at School. I had already seen that episode multiple times so that should tell you how interesting Brit n' Kev's story was.

I guess my main complaint here is that the Media is shoving Kevin Federline down our throats. I don't find him interesting and I find Britney even less interesting because of her husband. Does the media think we are puppets who can't think for ourselves?

I was waiting for a hypnotist to flash on the screen and say that I was getting very sleepy and that Kevin Federline is an interesting person, and I will buy his record. Hey wait a second, I was getting very sleepy but I guess it didn't work because I still feel uninterested in Kevin Federline. But I sure am hungry for some Cheetos.


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