Tuesday, October 25, 2005

New Jersey Smear I mean Governor Campaigns

At first I thought I was watching one of those Geico commercials, but it turned out to be Jon Corzine's campaign commercial.

I'm not from NJ, so I don't vote in this election, but whew talk about cut throat. There is this kid in a wheel chair. He is telling his story saying that when he was wrestling in High School he became paralyzed. He then said "Doug Forrester does not support stem cell research, Doug Forrester does not care about people like me." Then it cuts away to a picture of the kid on the beach looking forlorn in his wheelchair with some friends. I think if Jon Corzine really wanted to drive the point home, he would have had the kid holding a dying puppy, or maybe a kitten with only one leg.


Anonymous said...

Corzine is trying to avoid any questions about this video:


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