Monday, October 03, 2005

I'm going to make my own job

I thought I would like to work for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Until she made that comment on The Apprentice Martha Stewart last week. "If you cry you're out of here. Women in business don't cry." Ouch, I guess I just don't fit in.

I don't know why, but I cry so easily. It's annoying actually. I have a difficult time watching the news. I sit there in tears.

The funny thing is, if someone says something bad about me, it hardly affects me at all. I am very strong that way. I cry for others.

I'm a very loving person, so I'm thinking that is why I am so sensitive. I would prefer if I didn't tear up so much. I see a dead cat on the road, I cry. I think, that is somebody's pet and they are going to drive by and see it.

I'm very loyal and conscientious. I work very hard, and I'm good at business. I guess I have to make my own job.

Let the experiment begin.


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