Thursday, October 13, 2005

Um, I'd like to thank the Lehigh Valley...

Someone recognized me from my commercial today. OK, so it is someone I know and the commercial is only local. I've been sporadically trying to break into show business for as long as I can remember. Something has always come up and it didn't work out.

Once, I was cast on a show that was formerly called "The jury is in". We shot the pilot had lots of fun and planned our new lives. Too bad they wrote my part right out of the show. I was on the jury. They changed the name too. It is now called Judge Hatchett.

It's pretty exciting to finally get to do a commercial even if it is only at the local level. I can at least add it to my resume. I guess the reason most people never achieve their dreams is because we don't believe in ourselves enough to follow them.


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