Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My house is a lemon, so is my dog

When I bought my house, I had no idea that there was only heat upstairs. It was June when I bought it. The downstairs has no heat. Last winter was my first winter here. Winter is upon me again and I'm not looking forward to it. I also didn't know that my well didn't have much water in it. So everyday I can take a shower, wash a couple of dishes, and do one load of laundry. Anymore than that, I will run out of water.

My sister didn't want her dog Pugsly anymore. She had just had another baby and no more time for him. I love the dog, so I took him. It turns out he likes to poop in the house. So, he pretty much has me trained when to walk him so that he usually won't go in the house. At night or when I'm not home, I keep him confined to the kitchen.

Now, it's getting too cold for him down there. I had him bundled up in his sweater and under his blanket, but he was still shivering. I had to take him upstairs into my room. He got so excited he started to poop! I ran and picked him up to take him to the toilet. As I did that, a big plop of poop lands on top of my bare foot!

I still had to let the dog sleep up there in his crate because it was too cold downstairs last night. Does he snore! I kept waking up all night from his snoring. So I got two lemons. My house, and my dog.

With the house situation, I now know how people less fortunate live. I'm living in my own third world house. As for the Pug, he's cute and cuddly but a lot of work. So now I know what it's like to have a husband.


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