Friday, October 14, 2005

My first joke

I was watching Oprah today, and she asked Jay Leno "When did you get your first laugh?" His response was "When I was four years old." After he told the story he made this comment "When you get a reaction from adults and you don't know why, but you know you got a reaction it sticks with you."

Immediately I remembered when I got my first laugh. I was five years old. I told my mother this joke, I don't even remember where I had heard it, but I thought it had a nice ring to it.

"Knock Knock"
My Mom said "Who's There?"
of course my Mom said "Madam who?"
I said "Ma dam foots caught in the door."

First my Mom was shocked, then she started laughing, then she said "Who told you that?" I was so happy after that I would tell it to every single adult I would see. I even told it to my teacher. She didn't laugh. She just looked shocked. Shocked was good enough for me. I never even knew what it meant, I just knew I got a reaction, a laugh, and sometimes they would even cover their mouth, so I kept telling it for years.


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