Monday, October 24, 2005

The Hurricane Wilma Coverage Awards

So I'm watching the Fox News Channel to get the low down on Hurricane Wilma. I can't believe the guys and gals that are out in the hurricanes reporting. I think the networks compete to see who can have the most gnarly coverage. Because of their dedication, I have decided to make some fake awards for them.

While I was watching Fox News Channel this morning, the screen was going black, I could hardly understand what the reporter was saying, and I was waiting to see if he was going to get hit by a tree or something. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I guess that's the point.

Fox News Channel won my award of "Most dangerous hurricane coverage" for this storm. On CNN, they were in a different area of Florida, I could see the sun peeking through the clouds and I think the camera guy was pixilating the camera on purpose. It appeared that first he breathed on the camera lens, then he took some Evian and splashed it on the camera to make it look like rain. For that CNN wins my award for "Best Hurricane Special Effects".


Dave Lucas said...

Hey Deanna! You nailed it with this post!

Deanna said...

Thanks Dave ;)

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