Thursday, October 13, 2005

The President Communicates with Troops

It's no secret that I am a Bush supporter. Me and W go way back. So I thought I would make some comments on The Presidents Video Teleconference with the US Troops from the 42nd Infantry Division, and one Iraqi Sargeant Major from 4th Iraqi Army Division.

I think it may have been somewhat scripted. But my guess would be that it was more like everyone was prepped. I'm sure that it was confusing with the delay you have with Satellite. There is a lag time that can make it confusing.

The President was obviously a bit nervous. And wouldn't you be? His approval rating is at an all time low. The media is always reporting with their liberal slant making him out to be a tyrant. This was his chance to prove them wrong. In my opinion he did save face. We are accomplishing a lot of things in Iraq. Saddam Hussein was the tyrant. Thank God he is out of there and things are getting better.

I was so glued to the TV while I was watching this. My favorite part was when when 4th Sergeant Major Akeel Shaker Nassir from the 4th Iraqi Army Division thanked the President and said "I like you" with his Iraqi accent, that was the most endearing.

I thought the teleconference was really sweet, and once again I was proud to be an American.

If you missed todays Video Teleconference you can view it or read the transcript here.


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