Saturday, October 08, 2005

It's raining cats and groundhogs!

This morning it was raining like crazy. Taking a boat to work would have been more appropriate than driving. I'm going down that crazy ole road again were all the animals get killed, and I see the most pathetic sight. A groundhog, completely soaked, crawling across the road. Immediately a cliche' goes through my mind. Why did the groundhog cross the road? To get to higher ground! I didn't know groundhogs were so small when they are wet. From this point forward I will refer to him as "Hoggy".

Hoggy was coming straight at me. I wanted to stop and let him cross, but I didn't want to cause an accident. I love animals, but people are more important. PETA is going to be on my back for that comment.

Anyway, I decided I was going to train him. I train all the wild animals I encounter on the street. I slowed down so I wouldn't hit him, and started blaring my horn. He started back where he came from, then he got confused, and was coming toward traffic again. So I chased him back into the field with my horn. Whew, now he knows those big rolling things are scarier than your hole flooding.


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